Trike 1100 cc Harley!

Todays car is custom built Trike, a 3 wheeled motorcycle. OK it is a Hot Wheels powered by a 1100 cc Harley-Davidson motorcycle engine. Everything about this Trike is custom and a piece of motorized art. Take a close look and enjoy all the work that went into this build. The details are amazing. If I had to be picky, the only thing that caught my eye are the rear alignment pins that are starting to turn rusty. They need to be coated. OK other than that I love it.

Thanks for riding along. Frank

The owner of the Trike is the man with the white goatee.
1100 cc Harley-Davidson
Check out the auxiliary oil reservoir tank .
Check out the suicide brake. The owner said he was moving the brake back to the handle bars where it belongs!
I love the belt drives.
Nice paint color combination!
This where you align the rearend to the frontend and adjust the rear belt drive.
Dayton wire wheels.

Since we are talking about Trikes Hemmings publish this article on this prototype that is 40 years old. If you want read this article by By Daniel Strohl on May 21st, 2021 clink the link below. Thanks Hemmings!

Dale Clifft’s original three-wheeler prototype emerges from hiding after decades, heads to Petersen

If you want to read an interesting biker story from the LA Times. Click the link below. Where death threats are an occupational hazard. An obsessive collector goes ‘down the rabbit hole’ in documenting Southern California biker clubs. Thanks to Al Peña for forwarding this article to me. Timing is everything.

Collecting memorabilia from biker gangs, he earned friends and death threats

Riding Into History – Motorcycle Concours 2021. Riding into History™ (RIH) is a world class Vintage Motorcycle Concours d’Elegance. Since its inception, Riding Into History has been held at the World Golf Village near St. Augustine, Florida. Click the link below to see an amazing collection of Motorcycles. Thanks to Bob Krieger for forwarding this link to me.

Riding Into History – Motorcycle Concours 2021 by Bob Kolton.