Bits and Pieces from Peter in Australia January 23 Edition

Last updated on October 31, 2023

Peter is a “photographic observer” who is living in Australia. Today’s collection of photographs from Peter are of some very interesting Bits and Pieces of photos that he has taken in Australia. I like that we get to see how Peter shares his views of the hobby there in Australia. Remember that some of Peter’s photos are automotive coincidences. Peter took these photos near his home in Toorbul, on the Esplanade. It is a fishing area and home of the Toorbul Bird Sanctuary. The area attracts tourist and car clubs for a nice drive and outing in a beautiful setting. The road ends beyond Peter’s home so he can usually photograph them while they are there or on there way out.

Peter is alway’s handy, camera ready, when this car club had an event just outside his doorstep. This club has showed up with such as a good variety. The SLR 5000 is a full blown Holden Torana muscle car when compared to the more sedate Holden Torana sedan with sport rims and red line tyres that is sandwiched between two 1960 Ford Cortinas. The 1958 RHD Chevrolet is an Australian built car. Peter believes that the 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air could also be GM Holden build. There were very few pillar-less factory RHD imported or would have been a specialty order if GMH build.

This very nice 1958 Ford station wagon was the first and only Peter has ever seen in Australia. Peter saw it coming down the Esplanade and made a quick grab for his camera for a couple quick photos before it was gone. I was thinking to myself when was the last time I saw one? It has been awhile.

Peter gets lucky sometimes and a driver pulls up so he can take photos of their car. Ian is one of those who pulled up in his Citroën and a graciously did just that. This is an unrestored very well kept RHD Citroën that had a sweet sounding engine. Peter noticed that this Citroën has an automatic transmission while most Citroëns have manual transmissions. This makes it a little rare?

As mentioned above Peter has these automotive coincidences. Peter took this photo on Esplanade on his way out. The first of the coincidences is on the same day that the Citroën drove by so did this Nissan Z car. The Z car did not stop, but slowed down enough for Peter to get one shot. The second coincidence is that not 10 minutes away is another Nissan Z car that has been at the same location for 15 years. Peter took the photograph of that car two weeks earlier when the tarp that was covering the car blew off during a storm. This being the only road into their area, did the driver of the Z car see the now un-tarped Z car on his way out is unknown!!!

Peter had another coincidence to finish off the year 2022. Just before New Year Peter was correspondence with a colleague Trevor Poulsen who writes articles for an Australian publication “Restored Cars” and is also a photographer. They were discussing a story by another writer and were comparing by email what we knew on this particular 1949 Cadillac. On New Years morning Peter gets a Rick Feibusch’s Motorhead 101 Digest email from Corkey Holt and there it is was ~ an article on a 1949 Coupe De Ville, “same make, model, and year’ that Peter and Trevor have been corresponding on. The series of events follow. Just an FYI, I met Peter through Corkey. Coincidence???

Thank you Peter for sharing your view of events from Australia. Thanks for riding along. Frank