1971 Oldsmobile 442

Todays car is a 1971 Oldsmobile 442 convertible and it is finished in Ebony Black with a black interior and Black convertible top & boot and it is owned Richard. It is powered by a 455 cu in, 7.5 liter, V8, engine producing 340 hp and transferring that power through a 3-speed automatic Turbo 400 transmission. Delivering that power to the rear wheels most likely through the standard 3.55 t0 1 rear end gear ratio. Rallye Wheels 15″/8″ are all around. The 442 configuration consisting of a four-barrel carburetor, a four-speed manual transmission, and factory dual exhaust. Not all 442’s were configured in that combination, like this one with a 3-speed automatic transmission. Quarter mile performance as reported by Road Test magazine was 15.2 seconds at 99 mph and 0–60 mph in 8.9 seconds, using the TH400 transmission. The original MSRP was $3,743.00. There were only 1,304 442 convertibles produced in 1971.

This is a great muscle car that would get you to and from coffee and cars for a long time with a smile on your face.

Thanks for riding along. Frank

Check out the cool twist locks hood hold downs that were manufactured by Scott Drake.. They were part of the W25 Outside Air Induction (OAI) Ram Air Hood option.
Rallye Wheels