1960 Mercedes Benz 220SE Cabriolet

Last updated on January 2, 2023

Today’s Cars is Mike’s 1960 Mercedes Benz 220SE Cabriolet finished in eye catching Canton Blue, with a tan cloth convertible top and Birdseye Maple appointments.  It is an original numbers matching car. It is powered by a 2,195 cc, 2.2L, inline six producing 130 horsepower thanks to Bosch mechanical fuel injection. Transferring that power through a 4 – speed manual transmission (4 on the tree) and delivering that power to the rear wheels through rear swing axel with 4.10 t0 1 gear ratio.  The 0 to 60 mph time is 11.6 seconds. The MSRP was $7,200.00.

Mike researched the original documentation from Mercedes and this car is refinished in all original colors and materials.  There are two cars known to be painted in Canton Blue.  This car was a special ordered and the original owner’s identity was kept anonymous by request of the owner.   

The 220 SE, Super Einspritzung (injection) Cabriolet was the pinnacle of luxury in top-down Mercedes motoring in 1960.  Produced for only two years, 1959 and 1960, just 1,112 of these Ponton Cabriolets were produced.  The Cabrolets are the most sought after of the Ponton’s.  For my taste they are the best looking.  In fact many coupes are converted to convertibles, oops I meant cabriolets.

To add to the cars mystic Madera Concepts Goleta, CA, who refurbished the interior wood added on their website that Mike’s car was once owned by Marilyn Monroe?? What a great story. LOL

Great car that gets a lot of attention at car shows, cars and coffee, and any place else!!!.  I have stories!!!
Thanks for riding along. Frank

Min Lieb = My Love
Mike’s mascot! This picture is courtesy of Ted7.com, @iamted7, http://www.ted7.com/.  

This is the link to all the great pictures Ted7 took at the Trancas and Golden Cove Malibu show.s  These were a gift of our friend the late Andy Cohen, his son Kevin Cohen and Ted7.  If you download any photos please follow the instructions for giving Ted7 credit for his Amazing photos. He is on facebook and instagram.  Enjoy!

Ted7 Link

Ted7 has many great pictures of Mike’s car.  But, I love this video that my friend Russell Roberts took of Ted7 riding in Mike’s car taking pictures of Russell in his 1932 Ford Roadster. Enjoy!😎
Here are a couple of more pictures of Mike’s car. This one is Kaye looking on as Pierce Brosnan who is looking at Mike’s car and texting. Kaye was pretty excited, but containing herself..
This one is Ted7 taking a picture of me taking a picture of him! I love Ted7 photos they are great.. Follow him on instagram @iamted7 and see car photos at there best. I love Kaye’s smile in this picture. Good times.This picture is courtesy of Ted7.com, @iamted7, http://www.ted7.com/.  

Here are a few with the top up a rare moment.

With Gitti Grosvenor!!!