1949 Chrysler New yorker

Last updated on September 5, 2021

Today’s Car is a 1949 Chrysler New Yorker 4 door sedan done in Ensign Blue. It was not fast, or flashy or cutting edge, but the 1949 Chrysler New Yorker was as sturdy as a rock!!! Powered by a inline 8 cylinder (spitfire), displacement: 323.5 cu – 5.3L, Horse power: 135HP, torque: 270 lb-ft., top speed: 86 mph and acceleration: 0- 60 mph in 21.4 seconds. Transmissions were either a 2-speed automatic or a 4-speed semi-automatic transmission. This is a great driver and maybe a mostly original survivor. Nice.

Thanks to Sandy Bettelman for sharing this 1949 Chrysler New Yorker that he spotted in Brentwood, CA. Thanks for riding along. Frank

Is that fluted glass knobs were that were popular in the 1920s and 30s and a Cup holder on the floor? What a generational jump!!!